IGNITE Women’s Ministry


Thursday Bible Study

Come join us as we learn ways to be transformed by prayer. We will learn to transform from:

  • seeking God’s HAND to seeking His FACE

  • having a heart of WORRY to a life of WORSHIP

  • struggling with FEAR to experiencing FREEDOM

  • feelings of ISOLATION to the power of INTIMACY

  • a sense of INDIFFERENCE to a legacy of IMPACT

We will be meeting in ROOM 10 in our Educational Building starting October 17th ,2019. There are two meeting times: 9:30 in the morning or 6:00 in the evening. There is a 5.00 dollar registration fee for the year.


IGNITE Organizational Meeting

Want to get involved? There is an organizational meeting of our ministry on Saturday, October 5, at 10 AM in Room 10. Come find out where you can use your gifts and talents!